[How to create] – Pagination Without Database MySQL on PHP

May be seen from the title of this post is not familiar to the developers of web -based software.  Make pagination is a must when we have data that can be said to be tens or even hundreds of thousands of web pages. Why should? because how could we be able to access tens or even hundreds of thousands of data on a single page. inefficient is not it?. The following simple code syntax that may be re-developed.

$data = array(

$batas = 10; # FOR LIMIT DATA
$halaman = @$_GET['halaman'];

 $posisi = 0;
 $halaman = 1;
 $hingga = $batas;
 $posisi = ($halaman - 1) * $batas;
 $hingga = $posisi + $batas;

$no = $posisi + 1;
$total_data = count($data);

echo '<table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" border="2">
 <tr style="background:#000;color:#FFF;">

 while($posisi < $hingga){

 echo '<tr>
 <td align="center">'.$no.'</td>

 echo '</tbody>

$jumlah_halaman = ceil($total_data/$batas);
echo"<br> Halaman : ";

for($i=1; $i<=$jumlah_halaman; $i++){
 if($i != $halaman){
 echo"<a href=\"sample_paging.php?halaman=$i\">$i</a> | ";
 echo"<b>$i</b> | ";
 echo "<p>Total data : <b>$total_data</b> </p>";

Save the file sample_paging.php on your directory web server and then run in web browser.

if you click next page then display data.

hopefully useful, please try and develop with your version. Bye..bye.


[How to setup] – PrestaShop On Windows

Hello, how are you today? I hope you are fine this weekend.  I create documentation while trying cms which you may already have heard or even you want to use it. Yes,  on this occasion I will try to explain the steps in installing this CMS on your local computer. In the beginners who want to try cms PrestaShop, may be a big problem. therefore, Let us try together. You can download it here.  I am using CMS PrestaShop version 1.6.9.

1. In the post, I am using operating system windows 7 and XAMPP. After successfully downloaded, place it in your htdocs directory.

2. And then extract file compress.

3. After successfully extracted a new folder will appear like this.

4. Because here I am going to try to build an online store named bukumuslim then I rename folders PrestaShop had become bukumuslim.

5.The next step is to run with a web browser. In a web browser, type http://localhost/bukumuslim or if you using IP Address.

6. If the master files no problem, it will look like this. On this page, let alone English as a default. And then click next.


7. In the page License Agreements, check I agree to the above terms and conditions to continue installation PrestaShop. And then click next.

8. In this step customize to your needs.  Check and make sure the account is written correctly.

9. This is the most important step because it relates to data storage your online store. Make sure you use the proper database.

10. This is a step installation PrestaShop to your local computer. you can wait, if bored you can prepare the hot cup of coffee or a piece of bread.

11. Congratulations, the installation process on your computer has been completed. You can immediately open the frontend or backend


12. Now, you can immediately remove the installation directory (install) of the folder bukumuslim.


13.  This is how the default frontend after installing PrestaShop.

14. This is the login page, where you can set and modify the online store as needed. Use the account that was previously created in the installation process PrestaShop.

15. After a successful login, you can build an online store based CMS PrestaShop.

If you are experiencing problems regarding this PrestaShop. You can see the documentation on the official website PrestaShop. Or you can see the forum here.  For a demo, you can visit here.  Good luck, hopefully, this article useful. regards.