[How to solve] – Timezone Mismatch On Odoo

After we successfully installed odoo. there may be a problem that we encountered one of them saw a red mark in the upper right corner like this


This message appears because of the timezone difference found on our local computer with default settings. The user can change this by setting the timezone indicated on the message.


We select the timezone Asia / Jakarta, and then click save, to save all changes.



[How to setup] – Odoo Open Source ERP and CRM On Windows

Good afternoon guys. It seems a long time no see. Lately I often hear some of my friends difficulties ininstalling an application called odoo.  I will not describe at length about odoo itself. Because the documentation on the official website has been very helpful. You can open here . To use odoo on the local computer, you have to prepare application can be downloaded here. Here we can choose the community version. In this post, I use odoo version 8. But i recommend you use the latest version in order to obtain the additional features that the latest.

We just start the installation process on the local computer. After odoo successfully downloaded. We can begin to install it by double-clicking the installer odoo.

1. As the language of the installation, let the default english. Then click OK.


2.In this window we select the next.


3.In this window, users are advised to read the approval of this odoo installation. If agreed, the user can simply select i agree.


4.In this window, we choose several types of installation packages. We try to choose All In One. Because we want to install servers and their odoo PostgreSQL as the database server.


5.This is the information window connection to a PostgreSQL database. We can customize according to the configuration of PostgreSQL we like (hostname, port, username, password). If we just start the installation odoo and there is no previous installed PostgreSQL database let the default installer.


6.At this step, the user can select or change the location of the installation directory odoo.


7.And now, the installation process is running odoo.


8.While waiting, you can make a cup of coffee or a glass of hot milk.


9.Finally the installation process was completed. The duration of the installation depends on the specifications of your computer. So you have to be prepared to wait a long time, if your computer has the minimum specifications.


10. Then click finish for start odoo.


11.But wait, the process has not been completed. because you have not created a database for you odoo system.


12.You simply write the name of the database that will be used, as well as the last two columns that the password for the database (this is the same as the initial installation earlier).


13.And now, odoo system is ready to use. You only need to choose what modules you want to use in odoo. Select install to install it on your system odoo.